What is THC and How Does it Work?

What is THC and How Does it Work?

How much do you really know about THC? To help answer some of your most basic questions, here is a brief overview of what THC is and how it works.

Chemistry 101

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for the psychological effects commonly referred to as a “high.” THC is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant that interact with receptors in the brain to produce various responses. THC is the most well-known among the cannabinoids in the plant because of its psychoactive attributes.

How does THC work?

The short answer is that THC naturally causes the brain cells to release dopamine, a chemical that allows neurons to send feel-good signals to other nerve cells. THC has a unique molecular structure that lets it bind with cannabinoid receptors found in the human brain. This chemical activity produces the euphoric sensation many cannabis users experience.

What are the effects of THC?

The effects of THC can differ depending on various factors including body chemistry, THC levels and the cannabis strain. Many people enjoy the short-term effects of THC, which include a sense of elation, relaxation, pain relief and even energy, but there can also be downsides to use for some users such as anxiety/paranoia, memory impairment or dizziness. Depending on THC levels and the amount taken into the body, the effects of THC usually last two to three hours.

Are there medical benefits to THC?

Research on THC is ongoing and promising, but we already know that THC provides benefits for a variety of medical conditions, including:





Chronic pain






Now you have a better idea of what THC is and what it does when taken into your body. Hopefully this bit of knowledge will help enhance your cannabis experience.

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