Things To Do When You’re High

Things To Do When You’re High
The type of things you can do while high is determined by the type of weed you either eat, vape or smoke. Sativa cannabis is associated with a more energetic and euphoric high, which translates into getting out and doing something. Whereas, indica cannabis is more related to a body stone or couch-lock feel, which means you will likely want to eat, sleep or Netflix and chill.

Therefore, if you want to go out and about, a good choice is to vaporize cannabis sativa. One of the most satisfying things to do is to take a walk in the park and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you are into nature, cannabis will intensify this feeling. The high can also almost feel spiritual at times as the high stimulates random chains of creative thought. Having a friend to share this with also makes the experience a more memorable one, as thoughts can be expressed and discussed. Taking walks in the forest while consuming edibles is also a very enjoyable thing to do (Warning: don’t eat too much, know your tolerance and, again, stick to sativas or sativa dominant strains).

Enjoying food while high is also a very interesting thing to do.  The high intensifies the taste of food. If you enjoy eating sweet things then this could be your downfall. Sweet and salty foods are a great combination to try together. The two opposite ends of the taste spectrum create a nice combination. Salted caramel popcorn or various types of chocolates are an ideal snack to have as your high starts to sink in.

As mentioned earlier, cannabis will also bring out the creative side in you. It can be ideal to consume if you need a creative injection with writing, drawing or any other activity that requires that part of your brain.


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