The Perfect Cannabis Kit (Three Actually)

Spoiler alert, there is no perfect cannabis kit! Everyone should certainly have some
essentials, but different people want different things out of their cannabis.
We’ll put together a few different combinations for you to choose from, catering to
different needs.
If you prefer a pre-roll, for example, your kit will look a little different from someone who
prefers a glass rig. Others don’t like smoking at all and prefer edibles, in which case,
your kit involves a completely different set of tools. Here’s what we recommend:

For everyone:
1. Grinder. ​Some are better than others. We recommend one with a screen
to catch the THC crystals that fall off the dried leaves as you grind up the bud.
Collecting these crystals can make your stash last a little longer. These fine
particles have an increased surface area and are more concentrated in THC
than the flower. Grinding your bud also increases the surface area of your burn
and produces a more intense effect than if you were to hand-pick it all.

2. Eyedrops. ​Your eyes may get red from smoking so it’s good to offer them
some relief. Having a decent bottle of eyedrops might save you from dry eyes
that can come along with cannabis consumptions.

3. Airtight container. ​The size of this container would depend on how much
cannabis you typically are storing at a time. It’s important to have a safe and
secure place to put your cannabis products. It’s also important that your
container can be sealed properly and is smell-proof. Zippered plastic bags are
commonly used but one or even two usually doesn’t prevent the smell from
permeating the bag. Utilizing a glass jar usually locks out the cannabis smell.
There are also different bags and containers specially made that are meant to
keep the air out and the smell contained. This also keeps your bud from going
stale so you don’t have to worry about diminishing quality over time.
In addition to these, we’ve come up with specific lists depending on your needs.

For the rollers:

1. Quality Rolling Papers. ​There are so many different sizes and textures to
choose from! Thicker papers will burn slower and thinner ones a little faster but
they are harder to roll with. Paper sizes usually range from 1 inch to 1.25 or 1.5
in width. There are also rolling papers that are different lengths.

2. A roller. ​If you don’t know how to roll your cannabis in paper you can
purchase a Redwood MJ Pre-roll from a Las Vegas Dispensary or you can
grab yourself a roller. Rollers will help you accomplish a sleek, straight,
cigarette-looking pre-roll.

3. Rolling tray. ​This doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s just something to keep
your bud in a contained place and a flat surface for you to work your magic.
Little pieces will inevitably fall out as you roll so it also serves as a place to
keep your surface neat and not have speckles of plant matter everywhere.
Having a tray even allows you to roll off of your desk; you can have it on your
lap or on your rug or even on your bed. It doesn’t matter so long as the tray is
big enough for you to have a comfortable and contained space to work.

For the glass lovers:
1. Rubbing alcohol. ​To clean your piece! It works wonders. Just rinse out
your piece and then let it soak in rubbing alcohol, shake it up a little and watch
all that resin flow out with it. Adding some salt helps loosen everything up as

2. Pipe cleaners. ​For those hard to reach places that need a little extra

3. Your bong, bubbler, or bowl. ​Bongs and bubblers use water to cool the
smoke and bowls don’t. Either way, these are a totally different experience
from smoking a pre-roll.

For the edible lovers:
1. Sealable tupperware. ​It’s a common misconception that edibles don’t
smell. They do!

2. Extra cannabis butter. ​If you make edibles or like to experiment with
THC in food, having some cannabis butter in the freezer will save you time and
There are many other things you could add to your kits, but with these basics you can
work your way up and customize your cannabis kit just that way you like! Enjoy


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