The Long History of Cannabis

The Long History of Cannabis


The history of Cannabis is far more intertwined with human evolution than many know. Instances of cannabis are found with mummies as well as in ancient odysseys. Its benefits were not lost on ancient man and though our epoch has witnessed prohibition of this plant, humans undeniably appreciate its powers and uses.

A Caucasian mummy, discovered in 2014 in the Gobi desert had high potency, 2700 year old Cannabis flowers in his grave. The sails of early explorers, made of a heavy woven fiber, derived from the Hemp plant. This material’s name would morph, over time, from cannabis to the term canvas. Cannabis was a useful, versatile tool for most of the earth’s history.

The first part of the 20th century saw the onset of Cannabis prohibition. The word marijuana surreptitiously replaced Cannabis and most people had a disconnect between the two. Anti-Marijuana laws passed and people did not know that Cannabis and Marijuana were the same substance. Outlandish claims contributed to the outlawing of a naturally occurring plant. The accusations ranged from money-driven at best to downright imbecilic at worst.

As civilization evolves and information becomes ever-present, we can begin piecing together the idea that perhaps Cannabis received a bad reputation. Medical marijuana is now operational in 28 states. Recreational Cannabis is in full swing in eight states, and every election year witnesses a push for legalization in additional states. The states that have passed laws to end prohibition have seen a vast increase in jobs, tax revenues, tourism and medical advancements.

Cannabis will always share time and space with humans and we look forward to a future resembling early man’s knowledge, understanding and acceptance of this glorious herb.



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