The History of Vape Pens: from E-Cigarette to Vaporizer

The History of Vape Pens: from E-Cigarette to Vaporizer

Welcome to the future of cannabis: vapor.

The modern vape pen, now a household item for many cannabis consumers, inherited its design from the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Although official credit for inventing the e-cigarette goes to a man named Herbert Gilbert, the e-cigarette was first popularized by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2004, originally intended to help users quit smoking.

In 2008, several bright entrepreneurs modified a few Smoke 51 e-cigarettes to vaporize marijuana tincture and voila! – the Omicron Vape Pen was born.

After the release of the original Vape Pen in 2008 and an upgraded version in 2010, other companies immediately began producing vaporizers and that same year,

As a result, by 2011, Vape Pen was out of business and the creators of the Omicron had moved on to a new company, Utopia Planitia Technologies, where they developed a vaporizer called the Persei that was able to vaporize oils.

In a final ironic twist, however, by 2013, wax concentrates had come into style and the oil vaporizer was suddenly obsolete.

Since then, as more states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, the vaporizing industry has exploded and a variety of different vaporizers for both extracts and plant material have entered the market, including the G Pen and the PAX vaporizer, renowned by stoners nationwide.

Getting ready to buy your first vape pen?

There are two main types of vaporizers available now, convection and conduction. Convection vaporizers are cheaper and involve touching plant material directly to a heating element, whereas conduction vaporizers allow heat to circulate around the plant material, making them slightly more expensive.

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