The Benefits of CBD – Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

The Benefits of CBD – Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps


Menstrual cramps affect most women, ranging from mild discomfort, to a severity that causes women and girls to miss out on school, work, social events, and athletics on a monthly basis.

Medical marijuana is well-known to provide relief for nausea, headaches, and muscle spasms. So why not menstrual cramps? Infused products for pain range from edibles, to topical rubs, to a bath soak. Some of the products only contain cannabidiol (CBD), which means one can experience pain relief without feeling the “high” that comes from more traditional means of marijuana use.

This allows women to go about their daily routines, including work, pain free and without any detriment to their productivity.

Redwood strains can also assist in the natural treatment of menstrual cramps. Talk to your budtender today at a Las Vegas Dispensary who can point you in the right direction!



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