Ten Fun Ways to Ingest Marijuana

Ten Fun Ways to Ingest Marijuana


Even those not familiar with marijuana may think of smoking a joint when the topic comes up for discussion. However, there are many other ways to ingest the plant. With a growing number of states legalizing marijuana now, the internet is alive with informative ways to ingest and enjoy marijuana. We are going to look at ten of the top ways to do it.

  1. Joint

It’s a classic way to relax with your marijuana. Grab your paper and something for the filter, grind the marijuana and roll away. A joint is certainly one of the most recognized ways to ingest it.

  1. Edibles

Sites like Pinterest are full of recipes to infuse with marijuana. You can also purchase cookbooks full of recipes to try. Not much of a sweet tooth? Try making something like crackers! Remember to start easy and be patient. Edibles longer to kick in, and can have both physical and psychoactive effects that last longer.

  1. Bong

Also known as water pipes, they are often functional art pieces. They can be beautiful glass designs and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. A bong is a great option for those who want to avoid inhaling smoke, or for a beginner just starting out.

  1. Dab

Dabs are concentrated doses of marijuana. Dabs are made through the extraction of THC with a solvent. The sticky wax substance left over is often referred to as Hash Oil. Dabbing requires some skill and safety precautions, so it’s best left to experienced users. The reward is a fast and efficient way to get medicated.

  1. Pills

Pills or capsules are concentrated and potent, so know your dosage! They are slower to kick in, but effects last longer for those using medical marijuana for pain or going through chemotherapy.

  1. Blunt

A blunt is like the big brother of joints. It’s rolled with cigar papers, and holds more marijuana. It packs a big punch for those wanting to mix up their smoke a bit.

  1. Drinks

Make a big splash and be creative (and adventurous) and make your own, or buy them through a dispensary. The possibilities are endless, and these days you can find marijuana tea, beer, soda, and more!

  1. Vaporizer

A vaporizer is like a fun version of a humidifier. It heats the marijuana up and steams it through the room. If you want to avoid smoke, using a vaporizer is thought to be easier on the lungs than smoking it directly.

  1. Tincture

This is like any other herbal tincture, and you dribble it right under the tongue. Because anything dissolved under the tongue enters the blood stream immediately, this is an incredibly fast way to get medicated.

  1. Pipe

A marijuana pipe has no physical difference than a tobacco pipe, but they are usually made of glass. It’s an easy way to smoke, no need to roll a joint yourself to get going. You can pack the pipe easily. Marijuana pipes are usually beautifully funky, like a fashionable accessory.

These are ten fun ways to ingest marijuana, and should be enough to get you started, or inspire seasoned users to enjoy marijuana a new way!


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