Redwood and WIllie’s Reserve Dinner Party

Redwood and Willie’s Reserve launches a dinner series inspired by the way we live the Redwood Life.


Willie Nelson, without a doubt one of Country music’s greatest artists, has been doing a lot more than just singing throughout his career. Well known for writing music and his role in developing the genre of Outlaw Country, Willie is also known for his love of marijuana and support for legalization, sitting on the board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).


If being a country music pioneer, activist, golfer, actor, whiskey drinker, and avid smoker, was not enough, Willie has his hand in another project near and dear to his heart, Willie’s Reserve. Nelson and his partners have been tirelessly working together for some time to bring together a collection of all of his favorite, personally used cannabis strains. Strains from this collective are now available for purchase through the Willie’s Reserve brand.


With the help of Redwood, a licensed marijuana cultivation facility located in Nevada, Nelson is reaching bigger audiences and breaking into new markets with products such as his ready rolls, and vape products, a product he regularly enjoys using himself.


Recently on Conan, Actor Timothy Olyphant was interviewed and asked about his experience using a strain he called “Willie Weed” from Willie’s Reserve. Olyphant was unable to resist trying the strain personally used and named after the famous country music singer. He told Conan he knew immediately after taking two hits, that he had taken at least one hit too many. Olyphant laughed and mentioned being so mellow that he worried he would not remember the name of his hotel or the way back to it, and had to write it on his hand.


Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys who consume lesser strains.


Willie’s Reserve proudly offers the highest quality strains grown by independent farmers showcasing qualities beneficial to those looking for state of mind change such as mellowing out, restful sleep, refreshing outlook, energetic rushes, inspiration, and emotional/physical mood enhancement.


Willie’s Reserve is known for its “pesticide-free” cultivation method, and Redwood, along with their partners, ensures that you receive the best quality product produced through sustainable farming and distribution practices. This means that whether you are consuming for the mind-altering benefits of marijuana, or for the relief from debilitating illnesses, Willie’s Reserve and Redwood Marijuana can provide you with exactly what you are looking for without worry of dangerous and unwanted side effects and chemicals.


See for yourself why Willie’s Reserve is Always On my Mind.


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