More Options Than Ever For Those Who Enjoy Drinking Cannabis

More Options Than Ever For Those Who Enjoy Drinking Cannabis


Cannabis users today have something they’ve never had before: Choices. The cannabis industry is growing to meet the diverse needs of medical and recreational marijuana users, and consumables are at the forefront of this expansion. Edibles made with marijuana such as brownies and cookies have long been popular, but today the hot trend is marijuana infused drinks. Cannabis lovers now have a wide range of infused drinks from which to choose, and listed here are just a few of the ways you can now enjoy marijuana in beverage form.

Infused non-alcoholic drinks

What’s your favorite thirst quencher? Root beer? Lemonade? Cola? These and hundreds more infused carbonated beverages are now available (depending on where you live, of course). Recently developed technologies make it possible to infuse just about any drink you can think of with marijuana, and retailers are answering the call. The amount of THC per beverage varies, but there are products on the market containing as much as 200mg of THC per bottle for an extra refreshing experience.

Infused alcoholic drinks

Happy hour can be even happier with a marijuana infused cocktail, however you may find off-the shelf or behind the bar options for this dynamic duo limited as states have been hesitant to okay selling marijuana/alcohol beverages. Not to worry. With a quick Google search you’ll find numerous online sites offering detailed recipes for marijuana infused cocktails using your favorite liquor.

Coffee and teas

Cannabis users have enjoyed marijuana tea for a very long time, but today there are more options than ever for those who want infused hot beverages. There are now companies that manufacture and sell coffees, teas, mochas and cappuccinos in a K-cup product for quick, convenient use. You’ll find decaf versions, as well as infused creamers. What a great way to start your day.

Expect to see more and more varieties of marijuana infused beverages in the future as the cannabis industry works to meet a growing demand. Cheers.



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