CannaMommies: A Safe Space for Moms Who Use Cannabis

Moms who use cannabis have previously faced judgment or isolation. But, with cannabis legalization for recreational and medicinal use throughout most of the country, this is changing. Moms know cannabis is a medicine and partaking doesn’t make them bad moms. It’s not atypical for moms to have faced back lash when they admit to using cannabis. This is especially true on social media, where one mention could lead to negative comments.

Where can moms who use cannabis go to feel safe and have a sense of support? Fortunately, groups for “CannaMommys” are popping up to create safe spaces for moms who use cannabis.

Cannabis Is A Medicine

Probably the biggest stigma moms who smoke pot face is that they are a “bad parent.” But is this really true?

Things to consider in regards to this would be the reasons why moms are using cannabis. Many women use it medicinally to treat the effects of mental illness and physical pain that would otherwise render them incapacitated in their roles as moms.

From migraines to endometriosis, to anxiety and depression, cannabis is legal medicinally in over half of the United States to treat these health issues that women face. As an alternative to prescription medications that pose addiction and health risks, women still may feel the need to defend their right to medicate in the way they choose. Many are even opting for cannabis over alcohol to relax because of those same safety issues.

Kathryn VanEaton, mother of four and host of the Stoner Mom show on YouTube faces her critics daily while providing support to other CannaMommy’s who need it. Unashamed, she openly admits to using cannabis throughout the day and invites other moms to her “smoking sessions” via YouTube. She also has a website, TheStonerMom.com, that she uses to support parents that use marijuana responsibly.

In a recent article from The Daily Beast, Kathryn sums up perfectly her view on being a mom who smokes weed:

“And now here I am guilt-free, enjoying my first official wake and bake, where I actually sit for a good eight or 10 minutes and get concentratedly medicated,” VanEaton narrates.

“I feel no guilt, as I said. I know that this time outside in the morning helps me be a better mom for the rest of the day.”

The days of sipping on a few cocktails just to get through the day are evolving into a few puffs off a cannabis pre-roll here and there. Alcohol’s side effects outweigh its benefits when it comes to Cannamommy’s: addiction, poor judgment and impairment associated. Many moms today feel safer using cannabis as a way to take the stress that comes along with everyday life and parenting. Cannabis is now legal in some way, shape or form across over half of the United States, why should mom’s bear the brunt of such heavy criticism?

As moms make this move to become more public with their cannabis use, it’s crucial that they have the support of other like-minded women. Thanks to people like Kathryn VanEaton and groups all over Facebook for local cannamoms, women across the country can come together to “hash” out their frustrations and seek out much-needed support.



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