New Law Provides For Legal Weed in Nevada

New Law Provides For Legal Weed in Nevada

In November of 2016, on Election Day, Nevada voters said “yes” to Question 2, which provided for legal weed in Nevada. The margin of victory was 54.4 percent to 45.5 percent, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The new law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

For those 21 years-of-age and older, it is now legal to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or up to ⅛ ounce of cannabis concentrate.

Feel free to partake in your private residence, and surely if it doesn’t jeopardize your employment. Don’t think about driving under the influence, though!

Caution is advised because there are still a number of activities that are important to avoid now that marijuana is legal in Nevada:

Public consumption – Smoking weed in public is a misdemeanor violation which could result in a fine of as much as $600. There is a bill in the Nevada Legislature that is being considered that would give local governments the right to permit marijuana use in designated places, which might include bars, hookah lounges, parks and certain other public areas.

Hotel room consumption – Most hotels and casinos do not allow guests to smoke weed on the premises. However, some pot-friendly lodging is available, particularly in Las Vegas and Reno.

Sharing weed – It illegal to give marijuana to a person under 21. If the person is 18-20, it is a misdemeanor. If the person is younger than 18, it is a gross misdemeanor. It is legal to gift weed to those 21 and older so share the love responsibly.

Non-licensed sales – Only licensed dispensaries can legally sell weed. Anyone involved in an unlicensed sale could be charged with a felony.

Workplace possession – Employers have the right to ban the possession of weed at work so you may not want to take a ‘smoke break’ quite yet.

Testing positive at work – Some employers will engage in drug screenings and may still terminate employees that have marijuana metabolites in their system. Since these metabolites remain for some time, an individual does not have to be high when screened to test positive. Be sure to understand your employers drug policy.

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