Building The Perfect Cannabis Collection

Top 5 types of cannabis to keep on hand at all times:

Ready to create a truly perfect cannabis collection? Keep variety close by with this great list of different types of cannabis for whatever mood you’re in.

  1. Flower: Flower buds are the classic way to smoke. Marijuana comes in many forms. At Redwood, our cultivators are always growing the newest strains of flowers that have never been tried before! Don’t forget your grinder as some consumers prefer to break the buds into small, loose crumbles.
  2. Pre-Rolls: You can purchase pre-rolled cannabis flower. These medical grade joints come in different sizes. These marijuana cigarettes are great to have in your collection for when you need a moment to yourself or when it’s time to share. You’ll need rolling papers and a roller, or buy prepackaged rolls like Willie’s Reserve pre-rolls to save time!
  3. Concentrates: These are a revolution of the medical marijuana developments. With guaranteed purity and chemical consistency, this is a condensed and smoke-free way to get high. Concentrates can only be vaporized in devices that are specifically made to dissolve them.  It is well worth the investment to have the right vaporizer on hand. Concentrates don’t produce ‘smoke’, only vaporized liquid so it’s not as harsh on your lungs. A few things to note about concentrates:
    • Vape Pen: Make sure you have one that melts concentrates, rather than leaf or tobacco juice.
    • Shatter: This is flat and brittle. It is sold in a fold of paper and should be kept cold and dry, then broken into pieces and dropped into your vape pen right onto the heating element.
    • Wax: This is soft and gooey. It comes in small caps and can be scooped with a special small spoon.
  4. Edibles: Naturally, these keep less well than the rest of your kit, but you can always stock up for special occasions or keep more resilient items like medicated hard candies on hand. We love the Willie’s Reserve chocolates! You can also keep small bottle of cannabis oil on hand for a surprise cooking opportunity.
  5. Different Strains: When you’ve got your whole collection together, don’t forget that different strains of weed have different effects. To be totally prepared, you want to have both a mellow indica and a vibrant sativa at the ready. How do you feel about a hybrid? Know the strains you like and plan for the perfect highs with your variety selection.

Now that you’ve put together the perfect cannabis collection, you’re ready to enjoy cannabis any way you’d like!

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