420 Playlist Corner: Top 10 for Playing Video Games

Let’s face it, video & mobile games rock! Choosing the right songs for your game can enhance the experience greatly. Suddenly, you are immersed in a world of sight and sound!

Here’s a selection of songs that are the perfect accompaniment for your gameplay.

1) Indestructible – Disturbed This is perfect for first-person shooters, MMO raids, and PVP scenarios. You’re invincible, the ultimate warrior. Death to all enemies!

2) You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies A good old fight song for PVP gamers. There can be only one victor. You’re ready for war and you are going to win!

3) Click Click Boom – Saliva Fast flowing, hard song that fits perfectly with driving games with a need for speed.

4) Thunder Kiss ’65 – Rob Zombie A classic metal car song. What could be better for driving than a song about a 1965 Mustang?

5) No One Gets Left Behind – Five Finger Death Punch A military metal song for your military themed game. Great for PVP or multiplayer.

6) Blow Me Away – Breaking Benjamin This one is great for military games, shooters, and team PVP play.

7) Boom – P.O.D If you have a game that’s fast and has things that blow up this is your song. It’s a challenge song centered on taking down the opponent.

8) Misty Mountains Cold – The Hobbit Soundtrack This piece is a must-have for any open-world fantasy game. It works well while traveling.

9) If I Had a Heart – Fever Ray Feel like a Viking? This is the right song for you. It’s good for fantasy games and anything with an open-world platform where you amass materials (Minecraft, World of Warcraft, or Skyrim).

10) Cryptorchid – Marilyn Manson Be warned! This is one really creepy song when listening through a headset in the dark while playing a horror game!
There you go. The top 10 songs for playing video games while high. Now get your smoke on and dive in!


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