3 Ways Marijuana Increases Productivity

3 Ways Marijuana Increases Productivity


Thankfully, the dark ages and skewed facts by a biased media are finally coming to a close! It’s 2017 and as of right now there are 8 states that have legalized the good green for recreational use. But why? Because weed is as practical as it is fun. To all the sticklers who still quote “Reefer Madness” to their conservative bible buddies, here’s 3 reasons why marijuana increases productivity.

  1. Better Anxiety Management

I know, I know. A lot of people swear by this, but it’s still true enough to be relevant. On a personal note, I have a friend who genuinely suffers from horrible anxiety. She’s young, attractive enough, but her crippling anxiety puts her at an arm’s length away from people. Until her doctor prescribed her medical marijuana. Now she has no trouble managing and getting through her day. There are thousands of people just like her who’ve had similar success with anxiety via wonder weed.

  1. A Boost In Creativity

For some artist in the entertainment industry, weed is the one thing that’s vital to the creative process. Rappers, film directors, and writers have discussed their use of weed to get over creative blocks, that’s certainly no secret. But, there are loads of businessmen, CEO’s, and other office jocks that indulge more often than they’d care to admit.

  1. Enlightenment

Just going to put it out there right now, you won’t become a universal sage or life guru by just smoking weed alone, nor will the universe start revealing their secrets to you as soon as you hit the bong. Not to mention there’s been numerous historical figures that have been friends with Mary Jane. From Shakespeare (yes, that Shakespeare) to Carl Sagan, it would seem greatness and hashish go hand in hand.

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