3 Misconceptions of Cannabis

3 Misconceptions of Marijuana

Many people may shun marijuana because of misconceptions touted by pop culture. To shatter some of these views, here are 3 misconceptions of marijuana and what we have uncovered.


1.”The Gateway Drug” This view is the most prominent of all the misconceptions. It prevents those who would try marijuana from doing so because they think they’ll graduate to higher level drugs. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences examined the dangers of cannabis, in relation to the claim that it’s a gateway drug. The Institute reported to congress that there is no link between marijuana use and higher level drug use. Here is one of those studies.


  1. “Laziness” Many think it causes laziness. A study showed no relationship between laziness and marijuana use. Maybe this image of laziness is because many smoke marijuana when they want to relax, at the end of the day. Or, perhaps they’re using an indica strain which helps alleviate pain.


  1. “Marijuana Usage Causes Crime” The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that many factors influence crime and disproved this theory. The leading factor seems to be rebelliousness, not the usage of marijuana.



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